Yummymummy.fitness provides mums with bump to baby training,  revolutionising the pregnancy and postnatal experience with bespoke programming.

As a personal trainer, when I found out I was pregnant one particular concern I had was about how, if and what exercise I could still do during pregnancy. I found that there is a huge amount of fear and was told 'put your feet up' and 'you must rest' so many times! But there is more and more research that mums-to-be having an uncomplicated pregnancy should be doing the opposite, exercise is good for you and your bump.

Personally I experienced huge benefits of exercising while pregnant: 

Better mood

Better self esteem

No excess weight gain

A quick natural labour, 9 hours from the first early contraction to Ivy's arrival

Ivy was a healthy birthweight

I lost baby weight and recovered fast!

After speaking to other postnatal mums about their recovery experience and compromises they are making in their lives I decided that it should not be left to chance on whether you know how to do Pelvic Floor exercises correctly and whether you are living with a healed tummy or a gap in your tummy or worried about peeing yourself. Instead I founded yummymummy.fitness to help mums experience the serious benefits that appropriate exercise and nutrition can give us. We deserve to  look after ourselves and be happy and live a full life.

EVERY package includes a thorough assessment and video consultation

Each programme is BESPOKE to you and lasts 4 weeks and then we review before the next 4 weeks

The training is REMOTE so you don't have to worry about CHILDCARE we will stay in contact via messages and video calls so if you need to feed your baby or have them with you for the call that is ABSOLUTELY fine.

Why this approach? Because exercise needs to be accessible for mums.

Prenatal Fitness and lifestyle

Assessment to structure a programme on your needs, history and goals you'll receive a tailored programme for your level of fitness that will guide your exercise through each trimester using regular check in video consultations and appropriately modified exercises.

prenatal PACKAge

Postnatal Core Reconnection

Post natal programme that reconnects the core (pelvic floor / deep abdominals / breathing ) and addresses common postnatal issues such as, tummy gap / diastasis, stress incontinence, to build your confidence back up.

Core connect PACKAGE

Postnatal Core and Fat loss

Post natal programme that reconnects the core (pelvic floor / deep abdominals / breathing ) and strengthens. Nutrition and lifestyle guidance to support fat loss and HIIT training circuits suitable for your stage of recovery.



Had a browse but not found what you are looking for or just want to chat through your options and goals? Just fill in the form below or drop me an email and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

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I felt pretty sick for 12 weeks and very out of breath due to increased levels of progesterone. 

Key was to exercise when I could and snack 

Towards the end of T1 I had adjusted to how i was feeling and managed to climb Monte Baldo 


Energy was up in T2 so...


I ran Vitality 10km 

I lifted

I trail ran in the mountains


I was active everyday for my commute

I reduced the duration of my sessions but exercised as frequently as I could

I trained on my due date and the day before Ivy arrived


I walked as much as I could in the initial stages, practiced functional pelvic floor exercises and then gradually introduced my postnatal workouts

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